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HI TARGET ZTS 320R Specifications
Angle Measurement

Measurement Method: Absolute encoding
Minimum Readout: 1″/5″/10″(0.3mgon/1.5mgon/3mgon), adjustable
Accuracy1: 2″

Distance Measurement (with Reflector)
Single Prism: 3000m (9,842ft) under good condition3
Three Prisms: 6000m (19,685ft) under good condition3
Reflective Area: 800m (2,624ft)
Accuracy: 2 mm+2ppm
Measuring Time (Fine/Quick/Tracking): 0.5s/1s/1.5s

Distance Measurement (without Reflector)
Reflectorless2 Range: 350m (1,148ft)
Single Prism: >7500m (24,606ft)
Accuracy : 3mm+2ppm
Measuring Time: 1.5s

Magnification: 30×
Field of View: 1°30′ (2.7m at 100m)
Minimum Focusing Distance : 1.5m
Reticle: Illuminated

System: Single-axis liquid tilt sensor/Dual-axis (optional)
Working Range: ±3′
Setting Accuracy: 1″

Communication System
Interface: Standard RS232, SD card4, USB pen drive, mini-B
Internal Data Memory: Approx. 20,000 Points
Data Format: ASCII

Operation system: Real-time operating system
Display: High resolution backlight, black and white display with contrast adjustment
Graphics: 192×96 pixels/Character: 6 lines×25 characters
Keyboard : 2 sides alphanumeric backlit crystal keyboard

Laser Plummet
Type: Laser point, 4 brightness levels adjustment/Optical plummet (optional)
Centering Accuracy: 1 mm (1.5m height of instrument)

Power Supply
Battery Type: Rechargeable Li-ion battery
Voltage/Capacity: ZBA-400: 7.4V (DC)/3000mAh
Operating Time With ZBA-400: Optimal 16 hours5 (Continuous angle measurement every 30 seconds)/10 hours (typical)
Measuring Times: Approx. 12000 times

Weight(including battery and tribrach)
Approx. 5.5kg (12.1lb)

Environmental Conditions
Operating Temperature: -20℃ to +50 ( -4℉ to +122℉)
Storage Temperature: -40℃ to +70℃ (-40℉to +158℉)

Dust & Water Proof (IEC60529 Standard)/Humidity
IP65, 95%, non-condensing

1. The standard deviation is in conformity with ISO 17123-3 standard.
2. With white side of Kodak Gray Card with 90% reflectivity, the precise distance of the ZTS-320R total station shall be subject to the measuring object, observationggg and the environmental conditions.
3. The optimal conditions mean no haze, moderate sunlight and the visibility of 40km.
4. The maximum storage is up to 32GB.
5. The operating time is obtained with the environmental conditions of 25℃ in the working mode of 24-hour continuous surveying