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Topcon GM 55

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Spesifikasi Total Station Topcon GM 55 :
Total Station Topcon GM 55 ( Pengganti Topcon ES 65 )
1 Display ( 1 Layar )
Laser Reflectorless 500 Meter non-prism range
4,000 m prism range
Akurasi 5 Detik
Up to 50,000 point Built In Memory
Waterproof/dust-proof IP66
Environmentally protected
Compatible with industry standard thumb drives
work with one battery up to 14 hours

Gowin TKS 202N

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Spesifikasi Total Station Gowin TKS 202 :
The Gowin total station provides an accurate, low cost measuring solution featuring:
* 2" angle accuracy provides 1/16th of an inch accuracy at 1,000ft.
* Dual keyboards with and expanded numeric keypad for faster data input.
* Accurately measure up to 2,000m with a single prism.
* Internal data storage for up to 24,000 points.
* Single axis compensator with 3' compensating range.
* IP54 environmental protection rating.

Sokkia B30

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Spesifikasi Sokkia B30 :

Magnification 28x 
Hole objective lens 36mm ( 1.4in . ) 
Minimum focus 0.2m ( 7.9in . ) 
From the end of the telescope 0.3m ( 1.0ft . ) 
From the center of the instrument Accuracy without micrometer 1.5mm ( 0.06in . )

Sokkia B20

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Spesifikasi Sokkia B20 :

Length 215mm ( 8.46in.) 
Magnification 32x
Objective aperture 42mm ( 1.65in.) 
Resolving power 3" 
Field of View
( at 100m/ 328ft.) 1 20' 
( 2.3m / 7.5ft.) 
 Minimum focus 0.2m ( 7.9in.) 

Topcon AT-B3

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Spesifikasi Sokkia AT-B3 :

28x Magnifications
Rapid, Accurate, and Stable Automatic Compensation
Ultra-Short 20cm (7.9 in.) Focusing
All-Weather Dependability
Clampless, Endless Fine Horizontal Adjustments
Resolving Power : 3 ,5 “

Topcon HiPer V

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Spesifikasi GPS Topcon HiPer V :

Magnesium alloy housing
7.24” D x 3.74“ H
(184mm D x 95mm H)
Standard Battery
Detachable, Li-ion rechargeable battery, 7.2V, 4.3Ah
Operation Time*

>7.5 hours in static mode w/Bluetooth® connection

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