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Leica Gx 1230


Spesifikasi GPS Leica GX 1230 :

The lightest, cable-free real-time GPS system in the
world for demanding survey tasks in difficult to reach areas

 At only 6.2 lbs,
SmartRover is the ultimate real-time, f
ield-based GNSS survey system for fast, accurate data gathering

 Achieves 1.0 cm accuracy using RTK radio modems (included)
and 0.3cm acuracy using post-processed data

SmartTrack+ GNSS measurement engine with SmartCheck
for unsurpassed satellite tracking, best signal-to-noise ratios,
jamming resistant, multipath mitigation and low latency

SmartTrack+ guarantees fast satellite acquisition and
reliable tracking, evem to low satellites in poor conditions
Includes long-range Satel EASy Pro 35watt Base

Radio for up to 12 km RTK range

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